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Local councils such as Town and Parish Councils do not have a statutory responsibility for services such as planning. The responsibility for the discharge of this function in the majority of cases rests with District and Borough Councils as the Local Authority. For Thurston this will be Mid Suffolk District Council.

How to search for planning applications at Mid Suffolk District Council  

To search for an application go to the Mid Suffolk site mid suffolk planning pages  and search for Planning Applications, Appeals and Enforcements by keyword, application reference, postcode or by a single line of an address.

Thurston Parish Council and its role in the planning function

Under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, Schedule 1, paragraph 8, the Parish Council has the power to be notified of planning applications affecting the council's area and to comment upon each application that affects its administrative area.

For a list of all scheduled meetings for the Planning Committee please see the table below. Please be aware that should there be no applications forthcoming, the meeting will be cancelled. Please check the agenda printed alongside each date for commencement times and venue of each meeting.  

Planning Committee Meetings for 2018 - please check this page and Noticeboards for agendas. Where there have been no planning applications received, the scheduled meetings will be cancelled.

All meetings will take place in Thurston Community Library, Norton Road, Thurston and will start at 7.30pm unless notified otherwise.

3 January 2018     AGENDA   24 January 2018  AGENDA   14 February 2018  CANCELLED    28 February 2018     
28 March 2018 11 April 2018 25 April 2018 16 May 2018
20 May 2018 20 June 2018 18 July 2018 8 August 2018
29 August 2018 19 September 2018    10 October 2018 31 October 2018
21 November 2018    12 December 2018    


Planning Committee Meetings for 2017

1 March 2017 TO BE HELD WITHIN MAIN PC MEETING 22 March 2017  CANCELLED 5 April 2017 CANCELLED 19 April 2017 CANCELLED
3 May 2017 CANCELLED 24 May 2017  agenda 7 June 2017  CANCELLED 21 June 2017  agenda
5 July 2017    agenda 19 July 2017  agenda 2 August 2017  CANCELLED 23 August 2017 agenda
20 September 2017 agenda 11 October 2017 agenda 25 October 2017 CANCELLED 2 November 2017 during main meeting
15 November 2017 agenda 29 November 2017 agenda  13 December 2017 CANCELLED  

 a) film, photograph or make an audio recording of a meeting;All meetings of the planning committee are open to the public and you are very welcome to come along. There is a public forum for comments from members of the public. Members of the public are however reminded that any Parish Council meeting or committee meeting may be filmed. A person may not orally report or comment about a meeting as it takes place if he/she is present at the meeting of a Parish Council or its committees but otherwise may:

 b) use any other means for enabling persons not present to see or hear proceedings at a meeting as it takes place or later;

 c) report or comment on the proceedings in writing during or after a meeting or orally report or comment after the meeting.

The Parish Clerk maintains a record of each planning application notified to the council and the council's response to the local planning authority. For details of planning applications considered by Thurston's Planning Committee and comments made please click on the year folders to see the relevant documents: