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Councillor Details

For details of the current compliment of Parish Councillors please see the table below:

Title Name Tel.
Chairman Christopher Dashper

01359 234424

Vice-Chairman Bryan Rainbow 01359 231669
Councillor Richard Fawcett 01359 231363
Councillor Ian Hasler 01359 270682
Councillor Jonathan Masters 01359 233477
Councillor Barbara Morris 01359 270697
Councillor David Moss 01359 232645
Councillor Anne O'Connell 01359 231680
Councillor Mike Thomas 01359 270191
Councillor VACANCY  
Councillor VACANCY  

For details of the Groups and Committees served by Parish Councillors please see the table below:



Recreation Ground/Pavilion Committee Councillors Dashper, Moss, Rainbow (Chair), Thomas
Policy and Resources Committee Councillors Dashper (Chair), Fawcett, Mrs O'Connell, Rainbow  

Councillors Dashper (Chair), Fawcett, Masters, Moss, Mrs O'Connell, Rainbow  

Library Councillors Fawcett, Mrs O'Connell
Neighbourhood Planning Councillors Fawcett, Masters, Mrs O'Connell
Emergency Plan Representatives Councillors Fawcett, Masters, Moss, Thomas
Cavendish Hall Representative Councillor Moss
New Green Community Trust Rep. Vacancy
SALC Representative Councillor Thomas