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1st Principle Suffolk Constabulary

Suffolk Police has recently launched “1st Principle”. The first phase of a new library of crime prevention, security and personal safety advice.

To access the advice please click here.
The project takes it’s name from Sir Robert Peel who identified 9 principles of policing when he established the modern day police force. He identified crime prevention as the 1st of these principles.
The Parish Council supports the police in this crime prevention initiative and would urge you to use the advice provided wherever possible by following the link above. 


 Suffolk Consumer ActionA new report from Action Fraud has found that over £2million was lost to cryptocurrency fraud in just two months this year!

They state that social media and cold calls are often the first point of contact, with fraudsters offering 'get rick quick' investments. 

The old age saying is still very much still the case 'If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is', but do you know how to stay safe online? Visit the Take Five website for tips and tricks!


3 in 10 people

Last year, 4,732 fires were caused by faulty electrical appliances, including recalled items, the equivalent of thirteen fires per day across the UK

To protect yourself from the risks of fire, electrical shock or even death that faulty appliances can present, register your products so that manufacturers can contact you if there is a problem

Registering a product is easy and only takes a few minutes!

There are two ways in which you can register:

  • Follow instructions supplied with product
    Details on how to register your appliance can be found alongside the product’s instructions for how to operate and maintain it.
  • Register online at the “Register My Appliance” website
    Alternatively, visit, which links to all the major electronics manufacturers. This way, even if you’ve had the item for a while and have long since lost the associated paperwork, it is still possible for you to register it.