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Significant Planning Applications facing Thurston

Update October 2017

The Parish Council of Thurston believes that should development of the scale put forward be approved at the Mid Suffolk Planning Referrals Meeting scheduled for 1st November 2017, the adverse impact of the developments would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits of such growth unless further mitigation measures are forthcoming.  It holds that significant harm will result.

The Parish Council has issued a direct appeal to the Mid Suffolk Referrals Planning Committee members informing them of its concerns with regard to Highway Matters and Solutions and Railway Safety Issues.

To view a copy of that letter please click here 

Having reviewed the report submitted by Suffolk County Council's Transport Policy and Development Manager on the further studies into the mitigating proposals of offset the cumulative development in Thurston, a copy of that letter can be seen here, the Parish Council of Thurston made further representations to the Mid Suffolk Referrals Planning Committee members, a copy of that letter can be seen here.


Mid Suffolk's Planning Referrals Committee

The Planning Referrals Committe will be meeting once again on 1st November 2017 at 2.00pm in the Mid Suffolk Council Chamber, Mid Suffolk District Offices; High Street, Needham Market to determine the following planning applications.

4963/16 Land West of Ixworth Road, Thurston

5070/16 Land at Norton Road, Thurston 

4942/16 Land at Meadow Lane, Thurston

2797/16 Land South of Norton Road, Thurston

4386/16 Land on West side of Barton Road, Thurston

02232/17 Land on the west of Barton Road, Thurston 

The Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Team will be in attendance and will be able to address the Development Committee and make the Committee aware of the significant impact on the village that will arise if all or some of these applications are now granted permission to develop.

The Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Team will continue to mount a robust defence in preference of growth that is both sympathetic and in-keeping with the village and whilst accepting its identification as a Key Service Centre, because it has a range of facilities and services, such as a Railway Station, Secondary and Primary School, shopping and limited employment facilities and its location to the A14, it is felt that Thurston should only be expected to bear a proportionate amount of new housing.

Should the 'minded to decisions' taken at the Planning Referrals Committee Meeting on 12th July 2017 be upheld and planning permission granted, there will be around 689 new dwellings on four sites in Thurston. 

To view the full agenda and associated papers please click here to be redirected.

To view a summary of the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Team's responses to the significant planning applications please click here to be redirected.


The Parish Council will be in attendance at this meeting and will continue to make representations on all of the planning applications listed below on behalf of the Community it represents.